Talk session at "SIX2018"
Invited as a speaker for a talk session at "SIX2018", an event held by ABEJA, Inc. at Toranomon Hills, on the subject of the first "Art of Artificial Artisan" project "AI-sake". Discussing AI-sake project experiment's outcome and the project's future development.[View Detail (Japanese only)]
AI-sake project experiment
Launched the first "Art of Artificial Artisan" project "AI-sake". Targeted to develop an AI tool that supports to inherit Japanese sake Toji's artisan. Collaborating with Nanbu Bijin Sake Brewery in Iwate prefecture, conducted a experiment to help develop an AI tool based on ABEJA PLATFORM.[View Detail (Japanese only)]
AI-sake project
Starting up a new project "Art of Artificial Artisan". Using leading-edge technology, this project will aim to support to inherit Japanese artisan which are beginning to be lost. The first project "AI-sake" will develop an AI tool that will support to brew sustainable and high-quality sake. View Detail
Presented awasake at an International reception
Presented awasake and other Daiginjo sake at a reception party of an International Exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Appointed as Lead Advisor to the Tsukuba City Startup Initiative
Founder Ami Miura appointed as Lead Advisor to the Tsukuba City Startup Initiative.
Held an event at Tokyu Plaza Ginza
Coordinated an event serving awasake at Tokyu Hands Ginza, to enjoy an exciting collaboration of the tradition and craftsmanship. Mr. Noriyoshi Nagai and Mr. Hideyuki Takizawa, the directors of the Japan Awasake Association joined as a guest at the panel session.
A certification ceremony of Japan Awasake Association
Coordinated the first certifying ceremony at Happoen in Minato-ku Tokyo. The ceremony was to certify that 9 products of the association members meet the quality standards and product development standards of awasake. More than 400 guests gathered to celebrate.
ima Inc. took office as the secretariat office of Japan Awasake Association
Held a press conference on the establishment of the “Japan Awasake Association” at the International house of Japan. ima’s founder Ami Miura handed over the position as the chief director of the association to Mr. Noriyoshi Nagai of Nagai Sake Inc and took the position as the secretary general.
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Our first info session of Japan Awasake Association
Held an information session of the newly established “Japan Awasake Association”, introducing the goals and operations of the association, how to apply for subsidiary aids, the producing methods, the worldwide potential of awasake, along with other relevant information.
Established Japan Awasake Association
Established “Japan Awasake Association” collaborating with volunteer members from and beyond the industry, designing a sustainable operation and structure.
A reception party for an international exhibition
Coordinated a reception party serving Japanese Sake at the Japan Pavilion held in London, UK.
A reception party at the embassy of Japan in Thailand
Coordinated a reception party with the concept of “OMOTENASHI”, serving Japanese Sake with Arita-yaki, a traditional Japanese porcelain at the Embassy of Japan in Thailand.