Bringing the World and Japan together through Umami and Takumi



Business Concept

Drawing lines to craftmanship and amazing people scattered throughout Japan;
interlacing these lines into a connective surface
and transforming into a three-dimensional system.
The system, autonomous, stimulates collaboration.
ima’s mission is to combine beautiful products, born from the artisans,
with leading-edge technology and new ideas;
serve as the connective fabric and cultural engineer to protect tradition
and promote exquisite craft throughout the world.


Supporting the introduction of “Awasake”,
High-class sparkling Japanese Sake,
ima serves as the secretariat of
Japan’s General Incorporated
Awasake Association.

In the same way that Champagne is distinguished from sparkling wine by its origin, tradition and craftsmanship; Awasake of Japan offers connoisseurs the most exquisite sparking sake experience.
In order to introduce the true Awasake experience to the world, ima led the formation of Japan’s General Incorporated Awasake Association in 2016 and facilitated the introduction of Awasake overseas at several events and receptions. Still, to this day, ima serves as the secretariat for the Awasake Association.
Japan Awasake Association

Refined flavors born from
the tradition of “takumi” and crystalized
in the finest of Japanese cuisine.


The soul of Japanese artisanship at the heart of both
traditional fine craftsmanship and
modern technological innovation.


Construct a system of culture inheritance

In the world of traditional industry, techniques and philosophies have been passed-on through word-of-mouth between master and pupil, protecting quality within confined closed spaces.
This master-pupil relationship in the world of the artisan has functioned as a medium that connects tradition to the next generation.
In the present time where the borderlines of countries and time have vanished, the master-pupil medium is exposed to new tool, technology.
A new era begins where people and technology collaborate to support the inheritance of culture from generation to generation.
ima, Inc. constructs systems combining cultural inheritance with leading-edge technology to protect and promote traditional craft.

Connecting creative ideas and resources,
we support the creation of innovative
businesses and projects.
Business creation consulting

There are many remarkable “takumi” that are underappreciated in Japan. ima collaborates with artisans, towns, and organizations to uncover these hidden gems, expose their true value, and bring exciting new products and businesses into the world.

Projects: Consulting for Panasonic Corporation regarding the launch of their new business.


General incorporated awasake association recognition ceremony
The certification award ceremony for the 12 breweries and 18 products that satisfied the awasake criteria was held at Happoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Talk session at "SIX2018"
Invited as a speaker for a talk session at "SIX2018", an event held by ABEJA, Inc. at Toranomon Hills, on the subject of the first "Art of Artificial Artisan" project "AI-sake". Discussing AI-sake project experiment's outcome and the project's future development.[View Detail (Japanese only)]
AI-sake project experiment
Launched the first "Art of Artificial Artisan" project "AI-sake". Targeted to develop an AI tool that supports to inherit Japanese sake Toji's artisan. Collaborating with Nanbu Bijin Sake Brewery in Iwate prefecture, conducted a experiment to help develop an AI tool based on ABEJA PLATFORM.[View Detail (Japanese only)]
AI-sake project
Starting up a new project "Art of Artificial Artisan". Using leading-edge technology, this project will aim to support to inherit Japanese artisan which are beginning to be lost. The first project "AI-sake" will develop an AI tool that will support to brew sustainable and high-quality sake. View Detail
Presented awasake at an International reception
Presented awasake and other Daiginjo sake at a reception party of an International Exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Appointed as Lead Advisor to the Tsukuba City Startup Initiative
Founder Ami Miura appointed as Lead Advisor to the Tsukuba City Startup Initiative.
Held an event at Tokyu Plaza Ginza
Coordinated an event serving awasake at Tokyu Hands Ginza, to enjoy an exciting collaboration of the tradition and craftsmanship. Mr. Noriyoshi Nagai and Mr. Hideyuki Takizawa, the directors of the Japan Awasake Association joined as a guest at the panel session.
A certification ceremony of Japan Awasake Association
Coordinated the first certifying ceremony at Happoen in Minato-ku Tokyo. The ceremony was to certify that 9 products of the association members meet the quality standards and product development standards of awasake. More than 400 guests gathered to celebrate.


三浦 亜美
Ami Miura
Founder, CEO
Cultural Engineer
Ami Miura is founder and CEO of ima Inc., the company she created in 2013 to spread awareness of Japan’s unique umami and takumi culture to the world. She is also Lead Advisor to the Tsukuba City Startup Initiative since 2017.
After launching and selling her first tiny startup as a university student, Ami embarked on a yearlong backpacking trip around the world.
Upon returning to Japan, she joined SunBridge, a leading Tokyo-based accelerator, working closely with the founder on the Japanese market entry of leading US SaaS companies and various programs to support the startup community in Tokyo and Kansai.
Ami is the founder and secretary general of the Japan Awasake Association and an adivisor to ShuR, a sign-language social venture.
古森 崇史
Takashi Komori
At university in Fukuoka, he majored in nondestructive inspection of metallic materials and recognition by computer vision. While studying, he also participated in an embedded development venture.
His professional experience includes acting as the Chief Engineer and Manager for a company developing embedded systems.
Based on a wide-range of knowledge in engineering including software, electronic, mechanical, organic chemistry, etc., he developed many devices used for research at numerous universities.
In 2014 he joined AI venture ABEJA, Inc. filling important roles such as Development Team Manager and Technology Specialist.
He created human recognition algorisms and a management system for IoT devices.
In 2017, he joined ima, Inc.; starting with AI-SAKE, he is responsible for the technology used in every project.
立井 由香
Yuka Tatei
After graduating university, she gained various business experience including working for a travel agency, language school, human resource venture and specialized magazine publisher.
Being well-versed in general food culture, including fermentation and brewing, she supported Marche with their opening and operations in Tokyo.
She would also participate in hosting events such as “sometimes mistress” (ときどき女将) working in the kitchen together with food connoisseurs.
In her free time, she enjoys the good tastes and craft in different regions of Japan.
She appreciates the time spent with the Artisans she meets.
ショーン ライアン
Sean Ryan
Business Development
Graduated with a Major in Management and Business from Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY USA.
During both his college years and after graduation he was committed to professional snowboarding; attaining World Snowboard Tour rankings of 25th (4th USA) in 2010, and 34th in 2014. After traveling the world snowboarding he relocated to the county he was most intrigued by, Japan, and devoted his energy to learning Japanese.
Subsequently, after passing the JLPT N2 Japanese Language Proficiency Exam he joined a major IT company where he engaged in cross-border M&A strategy.
Developing an early aptitude for company valuation he was transferred to the parent holding company where he was entrusted with asset management specializing in US equities and M&A.
He currently spends his time at ima where he leverages his unique experiences to protect and internationally promote the beautiful craft and culture of Japan.
吉富 愛望 アビガイル
Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi
Corporate Strategy Division
Graduated from Department of Physics, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University.
Enrolled in the physics course of the Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo.
At the undergraduate age, conducted research on applying equations of state from nuclear physics to helium 3 system as quantum many body calculation.
At graduate school, conducted experiments on helium 3 system at mK temperature in laboratory at low temperature physics.
While attending the graduate school, worked as internship for cross board human resource industry and virtual currency / block chain industry.
Participated in virtual currency and block chain investment & consultation company, as who is responsible for president's secretary, sales, counterparts for overseas customers, project management for overseas projects, etc.
Participated in ima Inc. in 2018 as Strategic Management Officer.
向井 智香
Chika Mukai
Cup Yoghurt Research Society
After graduating from University, she held exhibitions as a video artist in both Japan and internationally.
She then completed her master’s degree and split her time lecturing at Universities and working for a web production company based in Kyoto.
Subsequently, she relocated to Tokyo, opened a Tokyo office for her company, and transitioned to working as an independent designer.
After successfully leading the renewal of ima’s website, she committed herself to ima as a designer in 2018.
Individually she actively participates in the “Cup Yoghurt Research Society” (カップヨーグルト研究会) partaking in Tumblr reviews, and encouraging the popularization of yoghurt though workshops and lectures.
鳥居 敬司
Keiji Torii
Keio University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics.
In 1971, joined Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd., then studied in London and Switzerland obtaining a MBA degree.
After Worked in Hong Kong, stationed in NY from 1993 to 2002, first as SEVP of CIT Group Inc. one of the largest finance companies in US, then as Managing Director and General Manager of New York Branch of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd.
Recently served as Director & Deputy President of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
Also serving as Director Auditor of ITOCHU Corporation and Director of Tokyo Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.
櫟木 明
Akira Ichiki
Independent Director
After graduating from university, he obtained his MBA through a major bank.
His colorful professional experience includes; director in the management department of a publicly listed company, investment and M&A planning and execution, holding executive positions at several different venture firms, carrying out large-sum financial fundraising, as well as selling-off operating segments and businesses.
Currently as the CFO of Yahoo! JAPAN’s wholly-owned subsidiary Z CORPORATION, he is the administrator of the investment fund and the director of back office operations.
While engaging in hands-on management and operational support for the companies within the portfolio, he lectures at GLOBIS business management graduate school, and actively participates on the board of directors for numerous venture companies.
アレン マイナー
Allen Miner
Founder/Chairman and CEO, SunBridge
Allen Miner, Founder and CEO of SunBridge, is one of Japan’s leading venture capitalists and angel investors with significant experience in internet, enterprise software, entrepreneurship and international business development.
He and his firm were early backers of many innovative Japanese startups including Macromill, ITMedia and G-Mode and have been instrumental in the Japan market success of, Concur, Marketo, Demandware and others.
Through The Miner Foundation, he provides funding, guidance and support to a variety of organizations furthering social innovation and entrepreneurship in Japan and at Stanford University.
Upon his graduation from Brigham Young University, Mr. Miner joined Oracle Corporation in 1986, where he subsequently founded and helped lead Oracle Japan. He has been recognized by Forbes and Always On as one of the world’s 100 top technology investors.


Company Name
ima Inc.
Founder, CEO
Ami Miura
Message from Founder
When I travelled the world as a lone backpacker in my youth, I encountered an untold variety of experiences, people and thoughts.
From those days filled with moments of joy, fear, and solitude, the importance of now gradually became apparent.
I realized that the sense of now is identical to the sense of being alive.
With faith in our inspiration, team ima faces each moment with intensity and purpose creating delightful things that make our world more interesting.
That is who we are.
Sankee White Bldg. 3F,
2-29-12 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 110-0016
+81 3-5846-8737 / info[at]
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